Just a few years ago it seemed that remote work was the wave of the future thanks to COVID. But, things have changed.

The great work-from-home shift is shifting back to the office. That is according to a new report in Business Insider, which said to get a remote job while you can still can because companies are calling workers back.

Don’t believe it? The report said just 13% of job listings in March were for remote work, down sharply from a year ago.

It predicts that work-from-home jobs could shrink to just 10% of listings by the start of 2024. The good news is that many more companies are now open to remote work than before the pandemic. And if you are remote and doing the job well there is a good chance you can continue doing it that way.,

There are two looming threats to remote workers, according to Business Insider. One is outsourcing to other countries, where a remote worker in India can do the job for half the cost of a U.S. employee.

The other would be Artificial Intelligence, which could soon replace millions of customer service agents being able to handle a lot of call center work.

For now, though, the immediate threat is when the boss calls everyone back, and you are the last holdout still at home.

If your job is telling you to come back to the office, and you don’t want to., it may be time to find a new job so you don’t waste your money.