(WHTM) – Just when it seemed like we were getting all savvy to scams, scammers are using new tech to fool us again, especially Amazon customers.

If you are an Amazon customer, brace yourself.

Thanks to AI, or artificial intelligence, Amazon scams are expected to only get worse in the months ahead.

Kimberly Moore was hit by Amazon scam number one: A frightening computer-generated call, saying that her credit card had been hit for hundreds of dollars unless you press 1 for an agent.

Don’t fall for it.

“It was a very specific amount, for a purchase I made,” Moore said.

Amazon scam number two is the fake email scam. It targeted Lisa Wang, who owns a wellness salon.

“It said you have a big order of $6,000,” Wang said.

Brian Hunt was hit by number three: The Amazon text message scam, which is a newer version of the email scam.

“There was a giveaway, sweepstakes, telling me I had won these earbuds,” Hunt said.

The fourth scam is the strangest: The brushing scam. It happened to Karen Bowman last Christmas. Items that show up that you never ordered! It is designed to get you to accept it so that the third-party seller gets a higher ranking on Amazon.

“It’s a scooter, it’s in a sizable box,” Bowman said.

But, with AI-generated scams just getting started, security experts say things will only get worse. That is because AI helps the scammer create a more convincing call or email.

Amazon said if it needs to reach out to you, it will email you personally with your name if there is an account issue. If that call or text or call tells you to press something to learn more, resist the urge. You will be pulled in to divulge personal information.

So, be suspicious of all messages from Amazon that way you protect yourself and you don’t waste your money.