Many of us have spent the last of those $1,400 stimulus checks that arrived earlier this spring. So will there be a fourth stimulus soon? Or was that all there is?

Americans are getting used to those “Stimmy checks.” $1,200 a year ago, $600 after Christmas, $1,400 in April. Now, two million people have signed a petition asking for recurring $2,000 stimulus checks.

Don’t laugh, 21 Democrats in Congress have signed a letter asking for recurring payments. But many small business owners claim the free money makes people not want to work, so there is no fourth stimulus on the table right now. The exception, $300 child tax credits that will go out monthly starting in July.

But from the doesn’t that stink file, all the YouTubers cashing in on a fourth stimulus check. Dozens are posting stimulus check videos every day and making money.

According to Business Insider, some of these YouTubers are earning thousands of dollars, just guessing if there will be more checks.

With a fourth round of checks not in the plans right now, watch for those child tax credits starting in July, so you don’t waste your money.