(WHTM) — A woman who wanted to try out dating service for free is now fighting big monthly charges on her credit card. And her story is a warning for everyone.

Erica Robinson and Alexandria Hamilton know all too well the lure and the risks of free trial offers.

If you don’t read the fine print, you can get charged,”

“After 30 days, they started charging. The first of the month, charging me $19.95.”

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But Tasha Rudolph, her experience with a dating site’s free trial was no laughing matter. She signed p for their free trial but quickly learned you can’t see anyone’s picture with the free version.

“Who wants to talk to strangers, that’s the whole point of seeing pictures. Everybody has types and different things,” Rudolph said.

Frustrated, she gave up but says before she knew it, she was charged $80 to start a monthly membership.

“I clicked on it so I could get information, but that was payment, that was it!” Rudolph said.

From dating sites to health and beauty products, to magazines, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) said many companies bank on you to forget what you signed up for and forget to mark down on a calendar the state when you need to cancel to avoid fees.

The BBB said before signing up for a free trial.

  • Mark on the calendar when to cancel a subscription
  • Set an alert on your phone
  • Always sign up with a credit card, and not your bank account.

Finally, think twice: How badly do you need that free trial?

Tasha Rudolph is now trying to get out a $300 dating site membership she said she never wanted.

So, be careful, especially if you have to give a credit card number, so you don’t waste your money.