Need a new bedroom set, couch or kitchen table?

If you have to order it, be prepared to wait, and in some cases to wait a long time!

Melissa Taylor had her couch damaged by a water leak last July.

“We woke up one morning to a flood in our family room, and the water fell from the ceiling onto our couch,” Taylor said.

So she and her husband rushed out to a local furniture store and ordered a new one. But her six week wait turned into a six month wait.

“I don’t have the couch yet. It has been the biggest nightmare,” Taylor said.

When she finally reached someone at the store, she got some bad news.

“They haven’t started production on my couch, so here I am just waiting,” Taylor said.

It’s happening to furniture buyers nationwide, and not just at one store. In August, Cindy Roekker told me she’d been watiting four months for a vanity from Ikea.

“I’m at my wit’s end and I’m starting to panic because I need a bathroom vanity,” Roekker said.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Modloft, Sean Obrien, a contemporary furniture brand, blames a combination of soaring demand during the pandemic and months-long delays getting fabric from places like China, India and Vietnam.

“60% of our items are on back-order currently. There are all sorts of places along the line where things can get backed up and we have to be very good with communicating with the customer, what is happening and when,” Obrien said.

So what can you do if you need furniture right away?

Consider an upscale used furniture store, where you can find used pieces you can take home today.

Other ideas, according to the New York Times include being patient, asking what the store has in their local warehouse, considering the floor model or being flexible to style and color.

Remember, if your piece of furniture has to be ordered, realize it could take a few months, so you don’t waste your money.