The rumors are true. The latest shortage is a girl scout cookie shortage, and one cookie, in particular, is very hard to find.

Remember, when Girl Scout cookies were everywhere, every spring? Scouts at your front door, scout cookies everywhere every spring?

But, this year, it is hard to find those tables. So, what happened?

CNBC reports that the main bakery for the cookies, which is located in Lousiville has had labor and weather issues in recent months, unable to meet demand. CNBC said as a result, many scout troops have fallen behind on their fundraising goals since they are unable to get as many cookies as they usually do.

And from the doesn’t that stink file, the one variety of girl scout cookies that has become almost impossible to find: The new Raspberry Rally, which is this year’s hot new flavor, that has been getting rave reviews from lucky people who have tried it.

But, savvy sellers are asking as much as $100 a box on eBay, with many selling for around $30 to $40 a box, but they have originally sold for five dollars a box, so someone is profiting but it is not the Girl Scouts.

If you want to find cookies near you, click here.

If you must have a raspberry cookie, Archway, and other brands make versions of them, which can tide you over for now and you don’t waste your money.