Grocery delivery is getting more and more popular this year, but it comes with more and more complaints so we wanted to know how to take the stress out of it.

Amy Lantert prefers shopping for herself, but her dad loves having groceries delivered.

“It’s very convenient for him, and it’s not expensive at all,” Lantert said,

But some people are not keen on it. Anita Daniel got brusied food.

“With everything else it was OK, but with the produce I didn’t like it,” Daniel said.

Jason Goecke said he was overcharged on one order.

“All of our stuff was there, but we got a ton of stuff we hadn’t ordered,” Goecke said.

So, before you try delivery, there are some things you should know.

First, delivery is not free as it costs the store money. So, you can expect either a delivery charge, a markup, or an annual fee. Plus most store require a $35 minimum purchase.

Second, despite social media horror stories, stores are dedicated to getting your order correrct and on time. Walmart let uus in to see how shoppers grab your items , then get them to waiting trucks.

Walmart’s Michelle Howard said everything is then checked a second time before it goes oiut.

“Once we stage it, there are people back there to quality check it. So we check the produce and make sure it’s fresh,” Howard said.

Meantime, if you change your mind or want to add something after you place your order, you can at least with Walmart delivery. If an item is out of stock, the shopper will send you a tect to see if you want a substitutuon so you dont end up getting taco sauce instead of spahetti sauce.

So, give it a try and swuicth stores if one is not working for you, and that way you don’t waste your money.