(WHTM) — With the holiday season in full swing, you are probably waiting for some holiday deliveries to show up at your door. If you are, beware of scammers.

Scammers are targeting shoppers with slick-looking delivery updates that are designed to steal your credit card number or worse.

We are officially past Black Friday, and it is holiday delivery season. People like Bruce McGhee have been targeted by these types of scams during the delivery season.

McGhee received a text a few months ago saying that his $1,500 dishwasher was on its way to his house. The only problem is that he never ordered a dishwasher.

“It specifically mentioned an item and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t erroneous,” said McGhee.

The text wasn’t an error, it was a scam. The scam was sent to McGhee to get his credit card information.

David Landeen almost fell for a text delivery scam. The scary part is that the person texting him even knew Landeen’s name.

“They knew my name, of course they had to have my phone number,” said Landeen.

With all of the online orders and packages showing up at our doors over the next few weeks, it is important to be aware. Some delivery alerts are legitimate, and others are not.

“Then USPS sends an arbitrary text that says, ‘Here is the info on your tracking.’ They are clicking that link,” said Victoria Jurkovic of the Ohio Department of Commerce. Jurkovic advises consumers to not click the link if they’re not expecting a specific package that day.

A legitimate delivery alert will tell you when the item is coming, you don’t need to open the text or an email link.

Jurkovic also says to never enter personal information because businesses should already have your address and credit card if you just ordered something from them.

“In the back of your head you are thinking…. maybe they really do have a package for me!” Landeen said.

To help reduce your risk of being conned, you can make a folder in your email and put all your orders there, so you’ll know what should be coming. That way you don’t waste your money.