(WHTM) — Most of us tip the people who help us during the year. But this year, coming out of the pandemic, you might want to bump it up just a little bit.

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Laura Benkahla, a salon owner, has really felt the effects of the pandemic here at Beneath the Crown Hair Salon in Florence. “A lot of people left the industry because they just, you know, there was no guarantee that you were ever going to get back to work and it was scary,” Benkahla said.

So now that she is back to work, she stresses to her customers anything extra would be really appreciated.

“You know, it’s it’s just a nice little gift to your stylist for taking care of you,” Benkahla added.

But besides stylists who have been working so hard the past year and a half, who else should get a little something extra in the tip jar this year? Anyone who provides you services throughout the year or one-time services, as well.

So, how much?

Experts say if you can afford it, you should tip:

  • the price of a haircut to your stylist
  • the cost of one session to a trainer
  • $25 to $70 to a day care teacher

But, one thing to consider is that in some cases, there are rules and regulations around the kinds of tips that people can receive. For example, teachers and postal workers are not allowed to accept gifts above a certain amount. Many cannot accept gifts of more than $20.

Finally, don’t forget delivery people who bring in a living room set or refrigerator. $20 is always a nice gesture, plus you don’t waste your money.