It has been a tough couple of years for the postal service with thousands of delivery complaints. So, how can you protect your cards and packages this holiday season?

Randy Demint has become used to an empty mailbox now and then. But, this fall, things got really bad on his street.

“Well for about three weeks there was no mail, but we didn’t know why!” Demint said.

Only after his neighbors went to the post office, did they learn their mailman had stopped delivering after he was robbed on his route.

“He was just doing his job, and a guy came up and stuck a gun in his face, and said he wanted his bag,” Demint said.

For many mail customers, this has been a year of discontent. Late mail, no mail, and mail were stolen from blue mailboxes.

The postal service may say We Deliver For You. But, since the pandemic, it has suffered massive staffing shortages, budget cuts, and a wave of thefts, from criminals with keys to blue mailboxes.

So how can you protect yourself this holiday season? The USPS suggests:

  • Mail early
  • Mail checks from your local post office branch, not a street mailbox.
  • Pay for insurance and tracking for gifts in case they are lost.

As for Randy’s stoppage, the USPS says if the carrier deems a residence unsafe, mail delivery service can be interrupted.

That applies to crime and aggressive dogs. Randy just wishes someone had said something.

But don’t take it out on your mailman, they are dealing with a lot of challenges right now. That way you get your mail and you don’t waste your money.