(WHTM) — With gas prices so high, more drivers may be considering buying a hybrid or electric vehicle. But you might want to be aware of some fees that some owners say are unfair.

Dave Gilbert thinks he is doing the right thing, driving a hybrid Camry to save gas and the environment, so it feels like a slap in the face that his state is about to hit him with a $70 annual surcharge for driving a hybrid car.

“Up until this point, if you were driving an EV or a hybrid to the extent that you are not using gasoline, you were not helping support the system on which you depend,” said Ohio Transportation Director Jack Marchbanks.

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But consumer reports say these fees are more than what the average driver of a gas car pays in gasoline taxes, and some worry the new fees will discourage people from buying fuel-saving cars.

Gilbert feels like he and other hybrid owners are now being punished for doing good for the Earth.

Watch out for extra fees when purchasing vehicles so you don’t waste your money.