(WHTM) — It’s been a brutal year for the stock market and anyone who has retirement savings in stock funds. That is why an opportunity to earn between 4% and 9% on your money is something you should consider right now.

Stock market feeling like a bad roller coaster ride this year? Then take a look at formerly boring government bonds. Thanks to rising interest rates.

  • Two-year treasury bills are now paying 4%
  • While Series I savings bonds are paying 9%!

These formally unloved bonds are soaring in popularity because they are indexed for inflation. You can put up to $10,000 in them, per person.

They do come with a few catches:

  • You can’t cash them before one year is up
  • If you sell before five years, you lose two months’ interest.
  • If inflation drops to three, your bond will readjust down to 3% However, that is still not bad.

You’ll find T-bills or Series I bond on the government website, treasury direct.

But, from the doesn’t that stink file, the fact that your bank is not offering much higher savings rates.

Bankrate.com says that most major banks are still paying less than 1% for savings accounts and money markets, and that stinks.

Your best bet: online bank, or CDs around 2%. But those us treasury bonds are still better.

When inflation and interest rates finally fall, so will the payout on these bonds. But, for now, they are the best deal in town and you don’t waste your money.