(WHTM) — If you have an iPhone and think you will need a new battery, you may want to get it done by March 1. That is because Apple is raising the price of getting a battery replacement.

Apple will now replace the battery on most iPhones for just $69. But, in March, it will be going up to $89, according to Apple’s website.

But if you don’t want anyone opening up your phone, here are six things to try first.

  1. When your phone says low battery, switch to a lower power mode. This disables updates and syncing, which will make them last up to 20% longer.
  2. Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth if you are not using them.
  3. Lower the screen brightness to 50%
  4. Turn off fetching an automatic pushing of emails.
  5. Turn off location services, unless you are using maps.
  6. Avoid extreme heat and cold.

But from the ‘doesn’t that stink file’, is when none of that works. In that case, contact Apple or an authorized repair shop and ask about a new battery. You should be able to get it done now before the March price hike.

Once the price goes up to $89, think hard about whether you should just upgrade your phone.

You can try your own iPhone battery replacement now, but 9 to 5 Mac says it’s not cheaper than letting Apple do it, and it comes with risks, so don’t waste your money.