The fastest-growing retail site right now is Temu.

If you are on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, you’ve probably seen its ads even if you haven’t used it.

It appears to be a discount version of Amazon.

But more and more questions are coming in about how safe it is to use.

Those questions come even though shoppers love Temu.

The Chinese-owned online retailer has exploded in popularity, thanks to thousands of items for under $20, from clothing to organizers, pet items, and more.

Becca Raco has been thrilled with many of the inexpensive items she’s bought from Temu since it launched in June 2022.

“I’ve gotten items for under $10, and on Amazon, they were over 30,” she said,  

Some were less than a dollar.

“I love my little Q tip holder,” she said, “and they come out here at the bottom.”    

But the Better Business Bureau recently raised concerns about the retailer, after more than 1,000 complaints in just over one past year, about:

  • Poor quality items.
  • Delivery delays.
  • Credit card overcharges.

The BBB gives it a C-plus rating.

But a New York law firm, Troy Law, is going further and recently filed a class action suit claiming Temu may be placing spyware into your phone that can track personal information.

“There are concerns about Temu allegedly intercepting private and personal information from its users, so they can generate revenue,” attorney Tiffany Troys said.

Troy also claims Temu monitors more information than other retailers.

“It’s tracking your cell phone ID, which shows which cell phone you’re using, and your location,” Troy said.

You have become addicted to getting those orange Temu packages in the mail every week or so, you don’t really want to stop shopping there. 

So Becca Raco has some suggestions.

She says she only shops in Temu with PayPal, So the site does not have any of her banking information.

“No I don’t put my debit card in there,” she said.

Temu and its owner, PDE Holdings, are not commenting on the lawsuit..

But the BBB says it is now working with the company to resolve the BBB’s concerns.

Bottom line:  As with any online retailer, just use common sense and keep track of your bank account, and that way you don’t waste your money.