(WHTM) — Many people who drive Kia and Hyundai cars could be eligible for a free engine replacement as part of a legal settlement.

Thousands of people who own popular models of cars by Kia and Hyundai are having engine trouble. The good news: you may be able to get your engine replaced for free.

Rolanda Underwood was driving her Hyundai Sonata when it all went wrong. “I was driving on the highway,” Underwood said, ” I was freaking out because I was going 60, and then all of a sudden it was 50.”

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Within a few minutes, she was stuck on the side of the road. Her Hyundai dealership diagnosed the problem as a blown engine.

Ira and Jima Gansler were driving their 2015 Kia Sportage when it suddenly quit. “I basically had to steer it down to the bottom with no power steering, no brakes, it was pretty scary,” said Gansler. Their dealership also said it the engine was blown.

Breakdowns like these have become more common. Tens of thousands of Hyundai and Kia owners are reporting major engine issues, some costing thousands of dollars to fix.

Thankfully, Hyundai and Kia recently settled a class-action lawsuit that could mean free replacement engines.

“There are a lot of people especially people who are second and third owners of vehicles with those engines who just don’t know that they are part of that warranty extension,” said Kevin Williams of thedrive.com. Williams also said Kia and Hyundai cars with Theta motors could qualify for a replacement.

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This includes 2011 through 2019 Sonata, Santa Fe Sport, Tucson, Optima, Sportage, and Sorento. However, not all models are included.

“Call your local Hyundai or Kia service department with your vehicle’s VIN,” said Williams.

The Gansler’s claim was denied because their son, who is a mechanic, had done oil changes at home.

A Kia spokesperson says the Gansler’s produced only five of 13 oil change receipts.

Underwood, however, did get a free engine replacement.

If you own a 2011 to 2019 Kia or Hyundai that is having engine problems, ask your dealer about the repair program.