Some people haven’t finished their holiday shopping yet, and if toys or video games are on your list, you should mostly be able to find them with no problem.

Kelly Rechts was wrapping up her Christmas shopping at Walmart and was stunned by how well-stocked the shelves were.

“I feel like it is better this year. In years past, it was hard coming out of COVID, there wasn’t a lot of selection, but this year, there is more selection and more variety,” Rechts said.

Last December, dozens of cargo ships were backed up in Los Angeles, creating shortages of scooters, bicycles, and many of the hottest toys. Finding things like the hottest video game consoles was almost impossible for the past couple of years. The situation is very different this year.

Randy Wood showed off shelves filled with toys at the Walmart Supercenter in West Chester. Shoppers this year should be able to find an Xbox Series S or Nintendo Switch — elusive items previously.

One of the last hard-to-find items is Sony’s PlayStation 5 due to the computer chip shortage. Many stores are out, and if you order online, you may have to pay well over retail.

Otherwise, toy shoppers have the biggest selection in four years — good news for last-minute shoppers.

The biggest issue facing last-minute shoppers this week is shipping times. Your best bet may be shopping in stores again so you get what you need in time and don’t waste your money.