With all the stress of the pandemic, many of us got a bit of relief from an adult beverage now and then. Well, isn’t this great, now there’s a liquor shortage too.

Molly Wellman is a mixologist, you might say a bartender with a master’s in mixing. At her bar, she’s noticed some popular brands are getting harder to find. “There’s shortages everywhere! The past year and a half, dealing with COVID and stuff,” Wellman said.

She says it’s a result of bars reopening, sky-high demand, and supply and delivery issues. “It will get back on track! It will!” Wellman said.

Liquor store owners say there is no need to worry. This is nothing like last year’s toilet paper shortages. But they say you might find some shortages of some of the top-shelf liquors that used to be fairly plentiful.

“We’re seeing shortages across all brands of beer, wine, and liquor, but definitely tequila we are seeing all sorts of shortages,” Store Manager Matt Spaulding said. He’s had a few empty spots on his shelves.

Brands that can be hard to find include Patron Tequila, Tito’s vodka, Malibu rum, and Woodford Reserve bourbon. “There’s lots of bourbon, but there’s lots of bourbon people can’t get right now,” Spaulding said.

“We still have a lot of liquor on the shelves, and if you have a great bartender they know what to do with it,” Wellman said. Advice you can tip a glass to.

While some brands of liquor may be harder to find now, there is still plenty of liquor. So drink responsibly, so you don’t waste your money.