Need to renew your license plates this spring, but you don’t want to stand in a long line with other drivers during this pandemic?

Then you may have decided to renew online, but beware!

Many drivers decided to opt for online renewals instead. But the Better Business Bureau says many drivers like Ted Hicks are ending up ripped off by lookalike websites.

After clicking all of the buttons and hitting “renew,” Hicks was charged over $100 by some out-of-state company.

And the BB says more and more people are ending up on fake state sites when they Google for license plate or registration renewals.

So from the “doesn’t that stink” file, what happens if you visit a lookalike motor vehicle site?

You may get your plates renewed, but you can be charged another $25-100 for them to do it for you, and that stinks.

The Federal Trade Commission sued a Florida company last year after determining that it was behind dozens of lookalike websites, like “Online DMV Services.”

But many still have the state’s name on their website. Look for the fine print that says it is “not affiliated” with any government agency.

If you go to a motor vehicle website for the first time, inspect it carefully to make sure it is the real state site, so you don’t waste your money.