(WHTM) — What could be worse when you are flying than a delayed or canceled flight? How about lost luggage that doesn’t show up in a few days?

Heather Poast shows me the North Face bag she still has at home. Its twin disappeared a month ago, on a Frontier flight out of Las Vegas.

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“I’m waiting a few days, and nothing. The last time this happened to me I think I got my bag the next day,” Poast said.

Almost four weeks later, still no luggage. But, it is not the bag and clothes that worries Poast. It is a set of earrings she got on her honeymoon, as well as a sentimental necklace, a gift from her late father.

“A necklace my dad had given me in eighth grade. So that necklace, a pearl heart necklace, was super important to me, and you can’t replace that,” Poast said.

Wondering why Poast checked a bag with jewelry inside? Two reasons.

One, it was not expensive jewelry, and two, the decision to check it was made at the last minute, right at the check-in counter. “I thought maybe I’ll carry it, no I guess I will check my bag,” she added.

She did not realize she check the bag containing jewelry. Airfarewatchdog.com says never place in a checked bag: important medication, laptops or cameras, cash or jewelry.

We contacted Frontier, which is now looking into her complaint after she says she spent weeks unable to reach a live person. “Nobodys contacted me to apologize, and I can’t really talk to a human,” she added.

Bottom line: keep the valuables out of checked luggage, and put your name and phone number in several places so you don’t waste your money.