(WHTM) — Be sure to check your auto insurance statement! After raising prices last year, companies are doing it again.

One woman, however, found a way to fight back.

Laurel Salamon and her husband are a car family. They have a classic Ford truck in addition to their everyday driver. Until recently, Salamon said, their insurance was reasonable.

“We had a great rate for two cars, two drivers. About 1200 dollars,” explained Salamon. “This year when we got our renewal it was over 2,000!”

It’s happening to many people. USA Today says, “It’s not just eggs and housing, inflation is also driving up car insurance premiums.” These premiums have gone up an average of 13% for many drivers.

The reason why this is happening is because of rising medical bills if you are in an accident. Also, the price of car parts and repair in general is going up.

“Well, a lot of it John has to do with the availability of the parts and the pricing of the parts.”

Shop manager Scott Summers says that parts remain hard to find, and prices are up 20% on many of them the past two years. Plus, Summers has to pay more to get top-notch workers.

“We have to pay more for qualified labor to get the technicians in to do the job safely,” explained Summers.

So, what can you do? USA Today suggests that you shop around and try websites like NerdWallet, Insurify, or in Salamon’s case, the Zebra.

“We went to the Zebra, and it was a thousand dollars for the year for two cars,” said Salamon.

She suggests you do that too… whether you have a classic, a beater, or an everyday car with rates going up. “Shop around, call around, get online, whatever you have to do.”

If you find a lower rate somewhere else, contact your insurer before you switch: ask them if they can come close to that lower rate if you stay. That way you don’t waste your money.