(WHTM) — Many of us are turning to warehouse clubs to save on money these days. Sam’s Club always offered a lower price to join. But, that difference is not that much anymore.

In these inflationary times, shoppers tell us their Sam’s Club membership has been a smart investment. However, that membership is getting more expensive.

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This fall, Sam’s Club is raising its basic membership fee from $45 to $50, which is the company’s first price hike in a decade. The annual Plus Membership will increase from $100 to $110.

It is still less than Costco, but now only $10 separates the two warehouse stores. The lowest price difference ever.

So, is it worth it to switch to Costco? A recent comparison by “Eat This Not That” claims:

  • Sam’s has more name brand items and they tend to be priced cheaper.
  • Costco has higher-end items and favors quality over quantity.

But from the doesn’t that stink file, the biggest downside of both chains is that most items are bulk items.

That is great if you are feeding a family of six, and it’s not the best if it is just you and your dog.

Both stores offer some smaller sizes, however.

Also, if you are not happy with Sam’s Club’s price hike, do not worry. Sam’s is covering that higher price of the membership with a $5 gift card at renewal time!

Remember: more important than the membership cost is how close the warehouse club is to your home. Choose the one that is the easiest to get to, so you don’t waste your money