Don’t Waste Your Money: Mercari

Don't Waste Your Money

Looking to buy or sell used items, clothing, or crafts? Mercari is the hottest new name, even advertising on the Super Bowl. But one woman tells us why you need to use caution.

Millions of people know the name Mercari thanks to the Super Bowl ad. But Cami Phillips did not have such a super experience buying vintage jewelry.

“As soon as I took it out I tried it on,” Phillips said. She says the seller sent the wrong size. “It’s not fair! It is supposed to be a certain size and it’s a half-size wrong,” Phillips said. She’s had no luck getting a refund.

Cami says a second vintage sterling ring, “This is not vintage, it’s not sterling silver,” Phillips said. It was a cheap reproduction. “That one I sent back but did not get a refund, they acted as if it never happened,” Phillips said.

The Better Business Bureau gives the Japanese-owned Mercari an A rating. But it gets just one out of five BBB stars, with hundreds of customers complaining about poor customer service.

If you buy something from a local antique or jewelry store and have a problem, you bring it back and they’ll make it right. Issue with Amazon or eBay? They have extensive dispute resolution programs, with 20 years of fine-tuning. But with Mercari, according to complaints, it’s often just between the buyer and the seller to sort things out.

The Los Angeles Times says while Mercari is easier to use than eBay, “Mercari is dogged by complaints about scammy buyers and a system that does little to discourage them.”

Despite the complaints, Mercari is as legitimate and safe to use as any major e-commerce site. Just know the downsides so you don’t waste your money.

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