(WHTM) — Remember during the height of the pandemic when mail would show up late or not come at all? Things are better this new year, but a free postal service program may help make sure you get your mail.

It has been a year of thieves stealing mailbox keys and then grabbing checks out of blue mailboxes, but Mark Lancaster no longer worries about what should be arriving.

He signed up for the USPS’s free program “Informed Delivery” which sends a daily email showing what’s on the way.

Informed Delivery is an easy and free way to know exactly what is going to show up in your mail slot or roadside mailbox. If something doesn’t show up that was in your daily alert, you immediately know it has gone missing.

To sign up, go to USPS.com — the official postal service website — and look for Informed Delivery. You will enter your name, address, and email for daily alerts.

To protect your outgoing mail, the postal service suggests you deposit mail in blue boxes right before the pickup time, and if you’re mailing something containing a check, mail it inside the post office, not outside.

The postal service says delivery times are getting better this new year now that carriers are all back on the job.