(WHTM) — Remember all the talk last fall that home prices would take a big drop this year, as a result of six percent mortgage rates? That has not happened, at least not yet.

It was last fall when Keenan Crigler shared his frustration with us about home prices, facing record home prices and mortgage rates that had doubled from three percent to six percent.

“I did have to start lowering my budget,” Crigler said. He was hoping for a break this spring.

But a new report in CNBC said while home sales have slowed sharply from last spring, it said that home prices have been stickier.

It cites figures stating that prices are still up over seven percent from a year ago, the lowest increase in three years, but still an increase. Some economists last year had predicted home prices would finally drop in 2023, but that has yet to happen.

So, from the doesn’t that stink file, why would anyone who hopes for a big drop in home prices likely be disappointed, unless you are in an overheated market like Bosie or Austin, where home prices have risen too high?

Realtors say as long as the economy doesn’t fall into a recession, with soaring layoffs, demand for homes will remain strong and prices will remain near their highs.

So, if you are sitting and waiting for a big drop in home prices, that may not happen. You may want to start looking so you don’t waste your money.