Do you have a Netflix account that you share with other family members, or maybe a close friend? Watch out, because Netflix may soon shut them down.

After years of allowing endless password sharing, Netflix is about to drop the hammer hard. That is according to Yahoo Finance.

The company says it will soon allow sign-ons only from different devices within one household, which means you will be able to access Netflix from only one WiFi router in most cases, at what it calls a primary location.

If you are traveling, you will be able to get a temporary code to use elsewhere. But, it looks like college students away from home may be out of luck, as well as snowbirds who split time between Florida and northern homes.

From the doesn’t that stink file, the growing backlash because of what the company said in the past. Netflix has always been about sharing, the company even tweeted back in 2017 That “Love is sharing a password.”

Some members are saying Netflix does not love its customers anymore! Roku, in the mean time is taking advantage of the change, tweeting that ” You. Your family. Neighbors and can stream, the Roku channel for free.”

These changes will not happen overnight. Netflix is rolling them out in other countries right now. The US in the next few months.