(WHTM) — The new year is a time many of us start cleaning and organizing our homes to prepare for springtime. But before you put all that junk in the garage, beware!

The garage: that giant vacuum cleaner of a room where old bicycles and lawnmowers go to die. Where jugs of paint, car wax, and tools else sit for decades, untouched.

As spring approaches… A good clean-up is a good idea. But HGTV says as you are organizing it, look for items that don’t belong or could be a hazard.

 It says things to never store in a garage include:

  • Food, especially pet food, because it attracts rodents.
  • Wine. Fluctuating temperatures ruin it.
  • Paint. Can also be ruined by extreme temperatures.
  • Wooden furniture. Because dampness will warp the wood.
  • Cardboard boxes: Insects love them.
  • Wedding dresses or children’s clothing: There is a risk of insects and mold.

 And from the doesn’t that stink file: some items are too hazardous to store in your garage.

HGTV says to avoid storing propane tanks and plastic gasoline tanks, due to the fire danger. Also, firewood because it often harbors insects, especially termites.

So as you do your New Year’s Eve clean-up, don’t forget to clean up the garage!