(WHTM) – Some things we buy never change like gallons of milk, chicken noodle soup, or Charmin toilet paper. But as of this month, one of them is making a big change!

There is nothing like seeing this on your floor when you try to pull some toilet paper off the roll.
Sometimes it just doesn’t want to tear. Even when it does, it leaves a big “Hanging chad.”
That’s even more frustrating given how expensive it has become!

“Absolutely. It is concerning because we use an awful lot of it,” said the shopper.

“It’s ridiculous no matter what you buy! I can buy a 4-pack of toilet paper and it’s $8.99. It used to be four for a dollar,” said the shopper.

So Procter and Gamble says it’s found a solution to your paper problems.

It has just unrolled the new and improved Charmin…Changing the rolls for the first time in a century!

“For the first time in a hundred years, something fundamental is changing about toilet paper. Square sheets are no more, we are introducing a scalloped edge.”

Now some people might say this is a solution where there never was a problem in the first place.

But P&G says it’s had complaints over the years from people who hate this.

P&G’s Gregg Weaver tells abc27 Charmin’s new “Smooth Tear” rolls have a scalloped edge between sheets, making them tear much more easily every time.

Weaver said, “Believe it or not, uneven tearing, a messy tear, with a tail hanging, the number one consumer complaint to our call centers.”

Charmin is by no means a budget brand. But if you are losing less paper with each tear, you should save some money.

Best of all, your bathroom should look cleaner and neater, and isn’t clean what toilet paper is all about?

“It looks classy, the fine details.”

P&G says suspects many buyers won’t even notice the change but those who hate dangling paper and lost sheets will thank them. As always don’t waste your money