(WHTM) — Have you noticed that robocalls are down this year, thanks to government crackdowns and better call-blocking technology?

But for some families, they have not stopped.

Kathy Brockman just wants some quiet time with the grandkids. But she and her husband are getting unwanted calls like it is still 2009.

“I had over 200 probably in February,” Kathy said.

Don gets even more.

“I would say at least 300 since April 18th,” Don said.

Some say “No Caller ID” and others claim they are from Medicare or a doctor’s office.

“Yesterday I got one that said healthcare, and when I answered it, it was not healthcare,” Kathy said.

They have called their cell provider, which cut down some of the calls but not all.

“He gets so irritated, sometimes irritated at me. And I am not the root of the problem,” Kathy said.

Robocall blocking technology has gotten a lot better over the past five years, meaning fewer interruptions while you are home with your family or your pets. But in some cases, the free blocking provided by Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile may not be good enough.

Consider downloading a call-blocking app. From three to five dollars a month, they guarantee they will stop those calls.

Top-rated blocking apps for smartphones include:

  • Privacy Star
  • Robo Killer
  • Nomo Robo
  • True Caller

“I wish the companies that these people are calling for, I wish they could see his phone, and see all the calls he has taken, and know that this is harassment!” Kathy said.

So, get a call blocker, there are so many ways to stop them now so you don’t waste your money.