You bring your car to the shop for an oil change and you assume they do the job right. But what if something goes wrong as you are driving away, are they responsible?

Crystal Wheeler will never forget what happened while she was driving home the other day. “I was terrified,” Wheeler said. She said she had just gotten the oil changed when her hood flew up as she was getting onto the highway. “I’m like I gotta get off this highway, and my daughter is screaming,” Wheeler said.

Crystal said she couldn’t look through the windshield because the hood was all the way up. Instead, she had to look out the side window to get her car off the highway. Her boyfriend Gregory Allen showed the damage. “The grill is gone, the hood is messed up,” he said.

With a bungie cord holding the hood down, she went back to the shop manager. “I showed him the pictures, and he said ‘oh my god,” Wheeler said. So we went to the auto center, where a manager said he’s sent her case to corporate.

The legal resources site says if a shop is negligent, such as failing to latch the hood, or forgetting oil, they may be legally responsible. So don’t let this happen to you, after an oil change, walk around and inspect your car.

If it doesn’t look right, sound right, or an engine light is on, shut it off immediately. Damage? Take pictures, and file a claim. Lawyers say most major shops will cover damage they caused to your car, if there is enough proof that they did it. That way you don’t waste your money.