(WHTM) — So, you just bought a new iPhone, or your provider sent you a replacement because your old one broke. But, how do you know if that new phone is really brand new?

When you spend as much as $2,000 on a new iPhone, you like to think it is brand new and that one else used it for a year or two.,

But recent reports in The Daily Mail, How-To-Geek, and other sites said every iPhone has a secret code that will you if your phone is new or used! It is all in the model number.

To find out:

  • Go to settings
  • Then, go to general and then about, which tells you all about your phone.
  • Look for the Model and specifically the letter in front of your model number.
    • “M” means it was a brand-new phone when you activated it
    • “F” means it was refurbished and that someone else used it first
    • “N” means it is a replacement device for a phone that broke.

But from the doesn’t that stink file, buying a new phone and ending up with a used one. Apple forums are filled with complaints from people who said it happened to them when they bought a discounted phone from third-party sellers.

And if it was refurbished by an independent repair shop, it may not have an apple warranty. So check the seller, and the secret code number before you buy!

Apple reminds customers that all its certified refurbished phones come with a one-year warranty, so they can be a great deal and you don’t waste your money.