(WHTM) — Rental homes are red hot these days.

Whether we are talking about Airbnb on the beach or full-time homes for your family. but now the red flags of a suspicious listing.

Looking for your next Airbnb or VRBO rental? A new report by the consumer group Elliott Advocacy lists some words that should make you question the listing and perhaps move on to another.

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The same advice often applies to full-time rental homes too. Among them are:

  • Cozy: which the report says really means tiny, as in “You’ll be living in a shoebox.”
  • Secluded: which may mean you’ll be miles away from anything
  • Classic: which often means aging and run down.
  • Secure:which can mean it is in a dangerous neighborhood.
  • “Eclectic: which often means strange, like this tiny kitchen inside a closet

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From the doesn’t that stink file: the warning signs that a full-time rental home doesn’t really exist!

The better business bureau says beware of any rental home listing where:

  • You can’t learn the location of the house until you apply or pay a deposit.
  • The landlord won’t let you inside the rental until you pay.
  • The rent is much lower than nearby rental homes.

Bottom line: check any rental ad carefully. Make sure the rental is real and check its location. So you don’t waste your money.