(WHTM) — Meal deliveries took off during the COVID-19 pandemic to help restaurants stay in business. Now, some orders aren’t going through.

Staffing shortages mean that many fast food restaurants are closing early these days, at 7 or 8 instead of 9 or 10. As one man learned, that can lead to big problems for those ordering food.

Josh Stinson now visits his nearby Subway store and walks inside when he wants his favorite sandwich. He says he no longer trusts online ordering after a bad experience.

“I ordered some sandwiches from the Subway app. They use DoorDash to deliver it,” Stinson said. His Subway receipt shows his order was “in the works” with a delivery time of 8:41 p.m. He waited, and waited.

“They took my order, they took my money, and then about 40 minutes later I get a call from the driver saying they are not open, so there was nothing the driver could do,” Stinson said. He asked Subway about getting his money back and was told to contact corporate because there was nothing the workers at the store could do.

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It’s not just Subway facing this complaint. Reddit forums are filled with posts about fast food restaurants closing early and no food waiting for delivery drivers at pick-up time.

When users open up a restaurant’s app, they should see all the restaurants near them and whether they are open or closed. But Stinson was told by some Subway employees that if a franchise closes early, it might still take an order.

“He told me if they don’t log out of their registers, it can accept orders even if they are not even open,” Stinson said.

After reporter John Matarese contacted Subway, the chain apologized and promised Stinson a full refund. DoorDash states that if a restaurant is closed, it will pay half of the driver’s pay, but refunds are up to the restaurant.

With most restaurants facing staffing shortages, early closings are a lot more common than before, so be sure to check closing times before ordering, and if it is almost closing time, consider calling the restaurant before placing an order to be sure it will be able to fulfill it.

Stinson says he’ll be more careful placing deliveries in the future, and you should, too, so you don’t waste your money.