(WHTM) — It used to be that to save money on dinners, it made sense to cook at home instead of dining out or doing takeout. But, go figure: home cooking can now be as expensive as that takeout meal!

At Red Feather Larder, steak tips aren’t the only thing sizzling. Chef Brad Bernstein said from steak to salmon, food costs are soaring for both restaurants and home cooks.

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“Ribeye steaks are going through the roof,” Chef Bernstein said.

Beef and chicken prices are up 15% this year. So, the award-winning chef suggests slimming down the meat portions of your dinners and adding more veggies, rice, and pasta.

“Kinda getting back to that healthier cuisine, where the portion of meat should fit in the palm of your hand,” Chef Bernstein said. His other tip is to buy cheaper cuts of meat and marinate them.

“Some of the other items, like flank steak, hangar steak, chuck roast,” the Chef said.

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Unfortunately, so many other things are up in price, even milk, and eggs. Making it tough it tough to lower that home cooking bill.

Allison Crowdus is the ultimate meal planner. Crowdus runs a meal delivery service called Dinner to Doorbells, along with business partner Jen Eisenstein, and they are very careful to buy only what they know they will use that week.

“There are a lot of people who just go to the grocery store and buy things. These are a very deliberate meal for this day,” Eisenstein said.

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“If you know your budget, you know your grocery budget, then you can plan within that budget,” Crowdus said.

Both women said planning each meal in advance can save $100 or more on groceries each month. But, a few smart shopping and menu changes should help, so you don’t waste your money.