It is called the say yes scam and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) says it is once again getting complaints from people getting these strange calls.

They are doing it again! Calling you and claiming there is a problem with the phone connection. Then they ask if you can hear them okay.

“Then a girl comes on, with a very nice voice, and says ‘Can you hear me?’,\Jackie Wilkinson said.

Or, as happened to Wilkinson, they ask if you are interested in a deal. She says she answered with the word yes when the caller asked letting her know that your existing account qualifies for 50% off.

Now the BBB says these calls, which first appeared in 2017 are exploding again. It says if a caller asks “Can you hear me” just hang up.

The BBB now believes these calls originate from vacation and warranty companies. By saying “yes” you may be agreeing to make a purchase.

At the very least, you have agreed to receive more calls from those marketers, as they now consider you an active customer; can you believe that?!

So if you say yes to these calls you are probably inviting a lot more of them. The BBB says as you don’t give your social security number. There is no chance of identity theft. Just watch your credit card statements so you don’t waste your money.