Don’t Waste Your Money: Scam calls target Amazon customers

Don't Waste Your Money

Kimberley Moore was at her health administrator job when she received a strange call on her cell.

“This call is regarding your purchase from You made a transcation of $529 and 99 cents,” the scam caller said.

“They gave a very specific amount of money off a purchase that they wanted to see if I made,” Moore recalled.

But Moore never made any purchase. The automated call then gave her an option: “Call this number and they wanted to get it all straightened out for you,” the scam caller said.

But luckily, instead of calling, Moore checked her Amazon account and realized there wasn’t a $500 order.

Amazon customers across the country are getting calls like hers.

“That order seemed to be fraudulent. Press ‘1’ to speak with an Amazon fraud department executive,” the scam caller urged.

Sometimes it’s a woman’s voice.

“You can speak to an Amazon customer service manager by pressing 1,” the woman says.

The FTC says if you press one, an agent will ask for the credit card number attached to the account.

But don’t do it. It’s all a scam.

Amazon will email you personally, with your name, if there is an account issue.

Moore is so glad she checked her account online before calling the number back.

“I figured it was fraud, but I was like, ‘gosh, is there $500 now missing from my account’?” Moore said.

Luckily, her acount was fine.

Still not sure? Ask the caller to read your account number. Chances are they have no idea what it is.

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