Don’t Waste Your Money: Sell your stuff

Don't Waste Your Money

After almost a year in COVID lockdown, many Americans have closets bursting with clothing, shoes and toys they’d love to clear out this spring.

If so, abc27 News has some great places that will pay cash for it!

Melanie Dicker’s home is filled with clothing and toys.

Even her dining room is cluttered.

“This is my second-grader’s stuff. And this is my 9-year-old’s stuff,” Dickers said.

She’s ready to clear it all out.

Tiffini Carole is also ready for spring cleaning.

“I have three closets’ worth of clothes. I have no excuses, no excuses whatsoever,” Carole said.

Admit it: You probably have a closet somewhere in your home that is stuffed to the gills with clothing, shoes, old Halloween costumes, and you’d probably like to get rid of some of it.

But where to go?

For top dollar: Consignment shops.

“Bring your things in; we select what we think will sell,” Donna Speigel, a consignment shop owner, said.

Consignment shops typically do a 50-50 split on the proceeds.

So you may have to wait a few weeks, but Speigel says it’s worth it because you make more money.

“With a yard sale, people are going to want to pay you a dollar, or just 50 cents,” Speigel explained.

In here, she says, a purse can bring in $75. A nice pair of women’s desk shoes will sell for $24.99.

Children’s clothing is now a big seller, as well.

Want to get paid faster? Go to a resale shop.

They may not pay as well as consignment, but you can walk out with cash on the spot.

Top chains include Clothes Mentor, Plato’s Closet and Once Upon A Child.

“What are you looking for most? Spring and summer clothing right now, outdoor toys, walkers, cribs, and always strollers,” Once Upon A Child manager Laura Lewis said.

Lewis says to make the most money, bring in athletic-wear.

“Nike, Super Heroes, Under Armor. Those are the big brands,” Lewis said.

Don’t want to deal with a store? The pandemic has seen an explosion in selling apps that work like consignment shops, in some cases, or a classified ad in others.

The most popular apps include LetGo, OfferUp, Thredup, Mercari, and PoshMark.

Or, if you want to just sell locally and keep all the proceeds to yourself, two of the best resellers are Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace.

Dicker and Carole are going to give consignment and resale shops a try.

Finally, realize that demand is highest now for stay-at-home clothing, as opposed to businesswear.

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