With shortages of household appliances during the pandemic, like dishwashers that can take six months to arrive, many of us are trying to stretch the life of what we have. But that doesn’t always work, because they don’t last like they used to.

Hoping to get 40 years out of that new front loading washing machine, the way your mom got 40 years out of her old Maytag? Don’t count on it.

Today’s high-tech and energy-efficient appliances just don’t last as long. The National Association of Home Builders says you may have to replace many home items much sooner than you think.

Refrigerator, 13 years. Dishwasher, nine years. Microwave oven, nine years. Water heater, 11 years. Central air, 15 years. Gas furnace, 18 years. That sleek new water-saving washing machine? Just 10 years.

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And from the doesn’t that stink file, what happens when you ignore something in an attempt to save money. They can cause costly damage, which will have you saying, “doesn’t that stink?” So the homebuilders’ group says to set aside some money once a roof hits 25 years of age, and a deck hits age 20.

While it would be great to get 20 years out of all your appliances, that doesn’t always happen. So make sure you keep them clean and properly maintained, so you don’t waste your money.