(WHTM) – The new iPhone is going on sale September 22, with lots of great new features.

But should you buy one, buy a slightly older model on sale, or just keep the one you have?

Cell carriers will be offering great promo deals on the new 15, which starts at $799, the same price as the outgoing iPhone 14.

But Tech Radar says if you already have a 13 or 14, the iPhone 15 may not be a must-have: as its display and performance will not be that much better.

The biggest change is the move to a USB-C charging cord, but that is unlikely to make it a “must-have.”

A better deal? You’ll find huge sales on the outgoing iPhone 14 in the next few weeks.

But from the doesn’t that stink file, why you won’t be able to hold onto an older iPhone 8 much longer?

ZD net says the iPhone has a planned lifespan of only five years: unlike a fancy car you can wax and garage, a 10-year-old iPhone becomes a paperweight.

The iPhone 7 is no longer supported, and support will end for the 8 next year.

Without being able to update your phone’s iOS, apps will slow down and even stop working.

And your phone will become vulnerable to hackers, with no more security updates.

Whatever you decide to do, late September is one of the best times to buy a phone, so you don’t waste your money.