(WHTM) — A broken smartphone, whether it’s a cracked screen or a broken camera, can be a pricey repair. So why not fix it yourself?

Apple and Samsung recently launched DIY repair kits for their lines of smartphones, which allows users to fix their own phones for the firs time. But is trying to fix your smartphone yourself a good idea?

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“Replacing a broken screen might sound easy. But experts say it is nothing like changing the screen protector. You have to open the phone and disconnect a lot of little parts, and if you break one, you can ruin your whole phone,” said John Matarese.

Bashar Alvustani, a smartphone repair shop owner, says fixing your phone by yourself could lead to serious problems. “They will damage the board inside the phone, and maybe the phone will never come back on.”

Alvustani explained that it is required to carefully remove the battery, without breaking delicate wires, to change the screen or camera.

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You can rent a repair kit, with all the parts and tools you’d need, from Apple for $49. But it comes in a heavy case that you have to ship back.

The easier solution?

Visit and authorized repair shop, and consider paying extra for a protection plan.

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With a two or three-year service plan, your phone repairs might not cost you anything out of pocket.