(WHTM) – With Black Friday sales now underway, shoppers are feeling the pressure to buy.

And that pressure increases when you see that the item is almost sold out.

But is it really in high demand? Or is it a web retailer trick?

An analysis by The New York Times says pop-ups give a sense of urgency, that is often false.

The report cited a pop-up box on one site claiming that “Alexandria from Anaheim just saved $222,” but the Times claims there is no such person.

A Princeton University Study cited in the report found hundreds of popular sites giving shoppers a false sense of urgency, encouraging them to buy immediately.

It may say “Only a few left at this price,” “Items in your cart are in high demand,”  or “Your order is reserved for just 5 minutes.”

And in most cases, it’s not true, with the exception of concert tickets on Ticketmaster and similar sites.

The Times says this false urgency gets you to spend more.

If that shirt or shoes are in high demand, there’s a good chance you will click “buy.”

The New York Times says if you feel high pressure, close out your browser, and search again later.

Bottom line: Don’t feel pressured to click the buy button immediately, unless you have just found good seats to a Taylor Swift concert, and you need to act on the spot or lose them.

Otherwise, take a pause, so you don’t waste your money.