Fast food customers everywhere are getting hit with sticker shock in 2023. Not only are food prices up over a year ago, but the days of dollar drinks are just about over.

That $1 large drink has been a fast food staple for more than a decade.

Even as prices of burgers and chicken followed inflation up, you could always count on that $1 large Coke, especially at McDonald’s.

But not anymore. The Wall Street Journal said McDonald’s dollar drinks deal faded in the face of inflation. The report also said a growing number of McDonald’s owners have raised their large drink prices, often to $1.25.

McDonald’s told business insider: “Customers can always count on McDonald’s for a great value. Franchisees set prices and have the flexibility to create promotions.”

But from the doesn’t that stink file: all the other fast food prices going up.

PriceListo, which analyzes menu prices, says Wendy’s prices were up 35% last year. Chick-fil-A prices were up 15%. Both were hit by soaring chicken prices. Taco Bell was up 14% and Burger King was up 2%.

But the surprise was that McDonald’s prices were down 2%, even though that dollar drink may soon be gone.

Some franchises still offer large drinks for a dollar, which brings customers in. But, don’t be surprised if your next drink costs more, so you don’t waste your money.