Don’t Waste Your Money: Stimulus check frustrations

Don't Waste Your Money

Some people are still waiting for their $600 stimulus check, and are learning the money went to their tax preparer instead.

Another round of stimulus checks, another round of delays and errors.

While most Americans are finding $600 in their bank accounts, others have not been so lucky.

The second round of stimulus checks was supposed to go smoother than the first. But then why are so many people complaining about problems?

“The first payment was sent back in April to the correct last 4 digits of my account,” Niecie Boyd said.

Boyd is one of several million H&R Block and TurboTax customers whose $600 check went to a mystery bank account this time.

“The last four digits I did not recognize, it wasn’t any of my accounts,” Boyd said.

H&R Block and TurboTax say they’re now fixing the mixup and getting those deposits out to their rightful owners.

But that’s just one reason why the mailman may not have a check for certain individuals this time.

Millions of people who got one last April don’t qualify for this new round of stimulus payments.

That’s because the income cutoff level was lowered from $99,000 to just $75,000 to get the full $600.

If you fall into that cutoff, that stinks.

Some good news: With the recent changes in Congress, those proposed $2,000 stimulus checks are not back on the table.

Unfortunately, with the 150 million payments going out, it’s unlikely people can ask the IRS about stimulus problems right now. So check their website to make sure you don’t waste your money.

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