(WHTM) — Mold and mice have become problems at some storage units. This is all the more reason to look into a storage unit before renting.

Kara McCormick needed some extra storage. So, she rented a unit, filling it up with furniture, artwork, and other belongings. When she returned to her storage unit, she found what looked like mice droppings on the floor. McCormick even saw mice scurrying around.

“There was mice coming out of all kinds of crevices,” explained McCormick. She even said that her boxes and clothing were chewed through.

Storage facilities are popular and tend to be very secure, but before you put any of your valuable belongings into a unit, you need to ask “what-if” questions. What if there was a fire? Or insect or rodent damage?

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A similar situation happened to Stephanie Goldfuss two years ago. Inside of her storage unit, she found that her furniture was covered in mold. “It’s kind of growing on the floor,” said Goldfuss.

“We discovered white stuff on our couch. I got the flashlight out and discovered it was mold, white fuzz mold, down both of our couches,” explained Goldfuss.

According to move.org, you should do the following:

  • Purchase insurance for the storage unit from the facility or your own insurer, because your homeowners or renters insurance may not automatically cover it
  • Never store any type of food or collectibles that can’t be replaced in the storage unit

McCormick and Goldfuss didn’t have insurance, so they couldn’t protect their lost items. This is why it is so important to make sure you are insured, so you don’t waste your money.