(WHTM) – With grocery prices up so sharply over the past two years, more and more shoppers are saving money with cheaper house brands. But there are some cases where sticking with the name brand may still be a better deal.

Store brands have come a long way since the generic products of the 1970s… with one survey finding that 70% of shoppers say store brands have greatly improved.

“They have gotten a lot better. I think the store brands have really invested a lot more in getting better,” said one resident.

Target’s Archer Farms, Walmart’s Great Value, Costco’s Kirkland, Kroger’s private selection, and anything at Aldi are typically 15% cheaper, according to Consumer Reports magazine

Consumer reports blind tests found several top-quality store brand products, such as:
– Cheese
– Frozen vegetables
– Ketchup
– Sandwich bags
– Sunscreen

The surveys found name brands still have an edge when it comes to:
– Breakfast cereal
– Coffee
– Cookies (especially Oreos)
– Shampoo
– Skincare products.

Angie Watson could be switching allegiances.

Watson said, “Do you find the store brands as good as the name brands? We really do, I think so.”

Unfortunately, many of those store brands have been raising prices lately… so the savings may not be as good as they were pre-pandemic.

Since early 2022 we found some:

  • Store-brand napkins that were $1.79 are now $1.99
  • Store brand seltzer water which was $2.75 has since jumped to $3.99.
  • Paper towels that were $3.79 are now $3.99 for the exact same item.

“Are those cheap anymore, or are those getting pricey? Those are pricey too even the house brand? Even the House brand? Yeah,” said another shopper.

So be sure to check prices.

So grab those house brands when you see real savings… and don’t see a major change in taste or quality, so you don’t waste your money.