(WHTM) – I’ve been talking about inflation for several years most recently about restaurant prices or fast food-flation as it’s called. The latest is stream-flation.

If you stream your TV you’ve noticed it in the past year. Prices are up for all the major streaming services.

The Wall Street Journal says “Stream-flation is here and media companies are betting you’ll pay up.”

Media consultant Shelly Palmer took stock of just how much more we are paying.

Standard Netflix: was $12 in 2019, now $15…A 20% increase.

Apple TV Plus: 4.99 in 2019, $6.99 now…. a 40% increase.

ESPN Plus: $4.99 in 2019, now $9.99: double just a few years ago!

And for full-service streaming:

Youtube TV: $49 in 2019, now $73, a 46% increase.

And from the doesn’t that stink file….What Palmer calls the “Cord cutting fantasy…” was the idea five years ago that dropping your cable package, and going to streaming only would save big money.

With high-speed internet now $50 or $60 per month add YouTube TV or Hulu Live, then toss in Netflix, Disney Plus, and maybe Max, and guess what: you have the exact same $150 cable bill you had five years ago.

So check that credit card statement carefully to see what you are really spending and that way you don’t waste your money.