(WHTM) — Streaming TV used to be a much cheaper alternative to cable. But watch out, many streaming services will be raising prices for 2023, so it might be time to think about how many you really need.

Jim Richardson loves watching streaming shows with his three children, but his streaming TV bill is almost as expensive as his old cable bill.

“We do have YouTube TV for our lives, it just went up 70 bucks a month. We also have Netflix, and we also have Disney+ which the kids love,” Richardson said.

Like so many other families, they are starting to reach the point of streaming fatigue, where you subscribe to so many different streaming channels, it’s hard to remember how many you have.

The biggest problem for many families is the rising prices.

  • Netflix this year raised its most popular plan to $16 a month.
  • Disney+ is going up to $11 a month in December.
  • Apple TV+ will soon raise its price $2 to $7 a month.
  • Hulu Live+ will go from $76 to $83 a month in December.

Streaming can now cost more than your old cable bill!

CNET’s Joan Solsmon said option one is to look for seven-day free trials for Hulu Live TV, Discovery+, or Paramount+, and binge-watch your favorite shows during that week.

Your other option is that if there is no free trial, join the service for one month, then cancel before 30 days. This works for Disney+, HBO Max, and Apple TV+.

“You can cancel anytime with these services. You don’t need to worry about committing to one year,” Solsmon said.

With the possible recession in the air for 2023, many families like the Richardsons may be taking a closer look at how many services they really use or need.

“I think we’ll keep no more than two or three streaming services. That was the whole point of signing up for these services. We don’t want to turn around and get the whole bill all over again,” Richardson said.

Several recent surveys say at least half of all families are considering trimming their streaming services. So think of how many you really use, so you don’t waste your money.