(WHTM) — Lesa Strull is a mom of two children who said she didn’t receive all her child tax credit checks last year.

“I got the first one, I believe there were four, starting in July, come November there was nothing,” Strull said.

No answers from the IRS and no more money in her account.

“I didn’t get any money deposited,” Strull said.

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Tax accountants tell us they are already getting a lot of questions about the child tax credit. Because for a lot of families, it was like getting part of your tax refund six months early.

Certified Public Accountant Roy Mitchell says if you didn’t get all you were owed, up to $3,600 per child, now is the time to claim it. You can also claim a missing stimulus check or two.

“The short answer there is there will be someplace on there to make that claim,” Mitchell said.

But Mitchell is bracing for a lot of confusion, from taxpayers wondering why their refund is a thousand dollars less than last year’s!

That’s because the child’s credit was an advance on money you usually get at filing.

“And that can create some confusion when people think they are going to get a full $3,600 credit on the return, and have forgotten half that amount in advance,” Mitchell said.

Stimulus checks, on the other hand, will not impact your refund.

Do you have kids under 18? Mitchell suggests you wait to file until you receive a letter from the IRS, explaining how much you received, and if you are owed more.

If you are still confused, talk to a tax pro, like Lesa is doing.

“When I do file my taxes, I’ll go talk to someone about how to put this on my taxes so I can get that money,” Strull said.

A professional will make sure to get any missing credit from 2021, so you don’t waste your money.