(WHTM)– Some good news about your Thanksgiving dinner this week, you may have noticed that turkey prices are down this year!

But what about everything else? We wanted to know what this year’s dinner will cost.

Charmaine Kitsani was picking up a few things for Thanksgiving and watching every dollar.

“You want to keep up with traditions, but it is harder when everything is more expensive,” Kitsani said.

But some good news; the American Farm Bureau says inflation is taking a break after three years of higher prices. The average cost of a family’s Thanksgiving dinner will be $67, down four percent from last year’s record high.

  • Turkey down nearly 10%.
  • Eggs down 30%.
  • Cranberry sauce down 18%.
  • Even pie crust is down 10%.

But remember, those price declines are after big runups ever since 2020. Turkey is still up in price from pre-pandemic times. So there are some extra things you can do to lower that dinner cost even more.

“We’ve got lots of celery, carrots,” nutritionist Kayla Pasquale says fresh food is always desirable, but she says mix items to save money. “It’s not a bad idea to do some combination of fresh frozen and canned.”

She says, frozen turkey and vegetables are just as nutritious as these fresh veggies.

“While fresh might take a couple of weeks to travel from the farm to shelf, you typically don’t get that with frozen. It’s all locked in there,” Pasquale said.

Pasquae’s last tip is that fresh potatoes give the most bang for the buck on your Thanksgiving table.

“They do a really good job of keeping us fuller longer,” Pasquale said.

That is helpful for Kitsani.

“You have to watch the budget, and make different choices about what you might want to provide,” Kitsani said.

Bottom line, with turkey and egg prices down, and other prices leveling off, this Thanksgiving should be easier on the wallet, so you don’t waste your money.