(WHTM) – The shared economy is big business these days: Airbnb, Uber, and other companies have made sharing cool again.

So why not share other things, instead of buying them?

If you hate buying an outfit for one dinner, then never wear it again, you can rent it.

Lifehack.com says you can rent dresses from sites like “Rent the Runway” and “Lending Luxury” for as low as $45 a weekend.

Sports reporter and influencer Lindsay Patterson recently told us she loves using Rent the Runway.

“The original price was $500, and you are getting it for $50 or $60,” she said.

Power tools? Try Home Depot for a rental chainsaw, floor sander, pressure washer, and more.

You can even rent a pickup truck to haul it in.

Need a textbook for a semester? Try Chegg.

And a real camera and lens for your special trip?

“Lens Rentals” and “Borrow Lenses” can save you hundreds of dollars.

And why buy a $20,000 camper when you can rent one for a week for 2 grand or so?

US News, meantime., reports that a growing number of funeral homes are renting formal caskets, then burying the deceased in a cheaper plain mode.

If it works for your family, that’s a great way to save several thousand dollars.

But if something doesn’t feel right about moving Grandpa to a cheaper box, you might want to pass on that one.

As always, don’t waste your money.