(WHTM) — Many people have been noticing mail delays over the past several months, but one family is experiencing just the opposite — mail that won’t stop coming!

Monte Beard doesn’t know what to do. Her senior mom receives dozens of requests for money every week.

“There is not a day she doesn’t get some kind of mail like that,” said Beard. Most of the letters are from legitimate charities, but Beard says her mom has a tough time saying “no,” and suspects that every time she donates, her address gets shared with other groups.

Beard says she could probably write to these organizations and ask them to take her mom off their mailing list, but she says that would take weeks of work and probably hundreds of dollars in postage.

So what can you do if you experience this kind of thing?

The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance says:

  • When donating, tell charities not to share your name.
  • Register with DMAchoice.org to stop most junk mail.
  • If it’s an older parent, consider a “durable power of attorney,” which lets you get their mail.

The postal service says you can refuse any mail and send it back as long as you don’t open it. That can help so you don’t waste your money.